"Most" of my stones are cut as cabochons. Meaning that they are domed on top and flat on the back...However every once in a while I will facet the top on one :)
Shipping for USA orders will be free, no matter how many stones you purchase. I normally ship 3 to 6 stones by First Class, but will upgrade to priority based on weight. I'm sorry to say that I have had to add a shipping charge to international orders. The first stone will be $6.00 for USPS First Class International. You are free to add as many stones to it as you like with no additional charge. I'm new to adding the shipping charge here, so please bare with me :) If you are overcharged I will refund the extra as soon as I notice it...Please do not hesitate to bring it to my attention! Thank you!
You take measurements from the widest points of the stone, both height and width. Thickness is taken from the tallest section of the domed top...normally the middle of the stone.
I cut each stone I sell from rough that I purchase everywhere :) I buy from rock shops, eBay, other websites, and my family has even gone out and found some stones ourselves.
Sometimes... "IF" I have the material and you do not mind waiting a couple of days. Please feel free to contact me with requests. It's also very helpful if you include as much detail as possible in your request. That way I'll know if I'm able to do it or not :)
Some are... Please read the whole description (sometimes it's hidden), if the stone has been stabilized or dyed, I will say something about it! If you are still in doubt, please feel to send me a question! I'm always happy to answer :)
Yes! I would be happy to email you more photos :) Just ask seller a question, request any views you would like to see, include the title, and I will reply with more photos. Please allow a little time for me to take them :)
This means someone has purchased them and they are most likely in the mail. I normally delete purchased stones a couple of days after delivery. This gives the buyer the opportunity to compare the actual stone to the descriptions.